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Client Testimonials

What Makes Trend PM Different?

"Extremely Proactive and Responsive"

"I have two properties in Frisco that Trend PM has been managing for two to three years. 

  Some of the reasons I'd highly recommend them include:

They have sourced ideal tenants who have always paid on time and
maintained the properties perfectly.  
I've never had a vacancy for more than a few weeks because they are
extremely proactive around lease renewals.

They are extremely responsive (answering emails in minutes).  

  They consult with me when needed, but do not bother me with small details.

Anytime I've had an issue, they've handled every aspect.  (I had a pipe
burst in one of the properties.)

They work directly with the HOA and tenants of these properties if any
issues arise, so I have little involvement.

They've helped me to get above market pricing for both of my properties.

I've never had to question an accounting statement.  They're always right
and if there are any charges for maintenance or anything else, I was made
aware of it in advance.

Just for some background, I own properties in Maryland and Philadelphia that
are managed by two other management companies.  I cannot get the same
quality of service or tenants in those properties.  

  They are small, but you would never know it!  They are fantastic to work
  with.  Feel free to call me if you'd like to discuss." 

                                                                            Nadine R.
                                                                            Owner, 2 Texas properties

"Vigilant in Tenant Selection"

     "It is always my pleasure to give a reference for Trend Property Mgmt.

They have managed my properties for 4 1/2 years. I presently

have three properties they manage. They are located in Fort Worth,

Mansfield and Weatherford.

    I had a previous property manager who managed these properties. I was

in a constant state of limbo. I live in California, and was constantly

barraged with repairs, crises, and late payments to me for my rents.

     Since I have been with Trend, they constantly update me on any repairs
  that need to be done, (always calling me first, whereas the previous
  property manager called me after the repairs were done.)

     They are on top of all leases, making sure I am comfortable with the

rent before renewing. They are vigilant in who they rent to. All my

properties are leased at the maximum amount for the area they are in.

     The most important thing to me is that those tenants have been there

for years. As for receiving my rents, I receive them on the 10th of

the month, like clockwork. I have had a occasion where the 10th is on

a weekend, and they have been wonderful in accommodating me with a

earlier date to send my rent to me.

     I feel so good about this company that my sister-in-law just recently

moved three properties to them for management. I hope this helps with your


                                                                                 Carol M.
                                                                                 Owner, 3 Texas properties 



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